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Steuben Stemware

orijad01.jpg (30186 bytes) NEW ITEM. These wonderful oriental jade stems make a wonderful set although they can be sold separately. Left to right is the Champagne/Sherbet; the Tall Wine, and the Water. They are 5", 7", and 8" respectively. Of course, they have the lovely twist stem that all Steuben collectors love. Unconditionally guaranteed as to authenticity. Inv. #s are 4028-50, 3996-49, 5258-48. Champ $675.00

Wine $775.00

Water $775.00

vdstumb1.jpg (25507 bytes) These are two verre de soie tumblers. The larger is 6" in height with a top opening of 3 9/16". The shorter is 3 7/8' in ht. with a top opening of 3". Unsigned but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. #s 4632 and 4793. Small $155.00 

Lg $195.00

seltumb1.jpg (13187 bytes) A lovely selenium red tumbler which is 5 5/8inches in height with a top opening of 3 5/8 inches. Unsigned, but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. # 2315. 165.00
7737st1.jpg (25910 bytes) These stems are from the extremely popular clear Steuben 7737 shape. The unique double teardrop in the stem makes this shape very collectible. Left to right: water goblet is 71/4 " tall, the red wine is 6 ", the white wine is 5 3/8", the next stem is 5 ", while the very tough to find cordial is 4 1/4 inches. We have at least 8 of each of these stems with the exception of the cordial. In the cordial, we have only 7. Inv #s Woh1011, woh1012, woh1013, woh1014, woh1015. We also have the champagne/sherbet available as well, but a photo was unavailable.  Water $195.00

Rd wine $185.00

Wh wine $175.00

Claret $175.00

Cord-195.00 All 7 Sold.

Cham $175.00

grnctclr1.jpg (11905 bytes) This piece is absolutely fabulous. It is green cut-to-clear. This stem is very rare and difficult to find in any condition, much less pristine as is this one. This is signed Steuben in block letters. This is a water goblet. Inv. # 5341. SOLD
grnctclr2.jpg (12402 bytes) A close-up view of the Pattern on the above goblet.  
frblrdwin1.jpg (17952 bytes) What a wonderful set of French blue bubbled wines. We have 5 of these available. These are really a lovely shape with an unusual stem. These are signed Steuben in block letters. Inv # 5334. Ea. $175.00
airtrap1.jpg (27288 bytes) These stems are the highly sought after air twist stems. We have 7 different sizes in these goblets. The other three sizes follow in the next photo. Please inquire for sizes, number of each stem available, sizes and pricing. email for pricing
airtrap3.jpg (29594 bytes) The other three shapes and sizes of the air twist stem line. email for pricing
teardrp1.jpg (24124 bytes) This is the champagne/sherbet in the very famous teardrop shape with the large bubble stem. These are signed. There are 12 of this stem available. Inv # is 3950. Ea. 175.00
grjdwtr1.jpg (21553 bytes) These are the green jade and alabaster waters that all Steuben collectors love with the twist stem. They are 7 1/8 " in height with a 4" bowl. Inv. #s 4544 and 4557. Ea. 295.00-ONE SOLD
roscham1.jpg (21706 bytes) These are the superb rosaline and alabaster, twist stem sherbet/champagnes. They are 5 3/4 " tall with an opening of 4 3/16". These speak for themselves. Most collectors want these stems in their collection. Inv. #s are 4525 and 4526. SOLD
roswatr1.jpg (22128 bytes) What a magnificent water goblet. This, of course, is rosaline and alabaster with a twist stem. We still have one of these available. This is 8" tall with a 3 15/16 opening. Signed Steuben in block letters. This is a very difficult stem to find in this glass type. Inv # 4244. SOLD
roswatr2.jpg (22767 bytes) Another of Carder's magnificent rosaline and alabaster waters in a very classic Steuben shape. We still have one of these available. This is 8 1/2 inches in height with an opening of 4 inches. Unsigned, but guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv # HGR.  $395.00