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Other Companies

Although this site features Steuben glass, and mainly the glass of the Carder period of Steuben, we have glass from other manufacturers which is available for purchase. This page will feature the glass of Tiffany, Durand, Stevens and Williams, and others.



Tiffany1.jpg (20136 bytes) Tiffany blue favrile vase in a lovely shape. The iridescence on this piece is absolutely outstanding. It is 7 inches in height, is signed L. C. Tiffany Favrile 1881, and has a paper label which is still readable. Inv. # RFR. SOLD
tiffany2.jpg (20188 bytes) A top view of the preceding piece showing the intricate stretch and lovely iridescence.  
tiffany3.jpg (18470 bytes) A Tiffany Pinched Thumbprint shot glass or toothpick holder. Very nice iridescence. Signed L C T. 1 7/8 inch hgt X 1 3/8 in diam. Inv. # 5030. SOLD
durand1.jpg (30267 bytes) Two vases by Durand. They are almost exact in their dimensions. The blue vase is 6 1/4" in height while the gold vase is 6 3/16" tall. Each of them has excellent iridescence. Unsigned, but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Durand. Inv # 1739. These can be sold separately. Gold $785.00

Blue $975.00

durand2.jpg (29515 bytes) This Durand blue iridescent hearts and vines vase is absolutely a dynamite piece. It is a very well-known Durand shape, and highly sought after. Unsigned, but those who collect Durand will recognize this as the guaranteed authentic piece that it is. $1550.00
durand3.jpg (28455 bytes) Another classic Durand shape in his wonderful Blue iridescent finish. The height is 8 1/2 inches. This vase has a spurious Tiffany signature, but is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Durand. $1500.00
stevwil1.jpg (22536 bytes) A super Stevens and Williams covered urn vase done in rose jade and clambroth which is 9 5/8inches in height. Take note of the cut and flattened finish on the top of the finial which is a Stevens and Williams trademark. Steuben did not finish the finials like this on their pieces. This is found on most covered S & W pieces, especially powder jars and covered vases. It is one way in which S & W and Steuben can be identified as different from each other. Inv. # S & W 111. $695.00
stevwil2.jpg (16772 bytes) A typical Stevens and Williams sherbet. The short stem is used by S & W, and is a major way that it can be differentiated from Steuben with the much taller stem. These are often misidentified as Steuben. Again, this is rose jade and clambroth. 2 3/4 inches in height X  opening diameter of  3 3/4 inches. Inv # 3905. $110.00
stevwil3.jpg (24112 bytes) Demitasse cup and saucer done in rose jade and clambroth. The height is only 2 1/4 inches on this very dainty pair. Inv. # 3907. $195.00
stevwil4.jpg (24045 bytes) This is a very lovely Stevens and Williams cordial done in green jade and alabaster/clambroth. It is 6" in height. This shape is often wrongly attributed to Steuben. Steuben did not do this shape  in cordials. These cordials came in several different  jade colors. These are highly sought after by collectors as the shape is wonderful and the colors lovely. Inv # 3535. Sold
stevwil5.jpg (23523 bytes) This is an example of a Stevens and Williams perfume done in green jade and alabaster/clambroth. The stopper has a chip which is internal, but can be seen as you look down on it from the top. This has been taken into consideration on the price. Inv. # S & W 112. $395.00