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2singst1.jpg (36666 bytes) These two single prong stump vases are a very traditional Carder shape. Single prong stumps are less readily found than the traditional three-prong stump vases.


basstum1.jpg (28040 bytes) This single prong blue aurene stump is 6 inches in height. It has a lovely iridescence and is highly sought after. Inventory # 5560.


gasstum1.jpg (19448 bytes) This gold aurene single prong stump vase has wonderful iridescence. It is a tall 8 3/8 inches. Inventory # 5333.


ashtga1.jpg (27046 bytes) What an amazingly beautiful ashtray with the ring still intact. The gold aurene on this piece is amazing. Of course, this is over calcite. The diameter is 5 3/8 inches. Anyone who actually uses this as an ashtray should be "shot at sunrise". Inventory # 5814.


bowlba1.jpg (25168 bytes) A stunning, large blue aurene bowl. The iridescence is "to die for". It has a height of 4 1/8 inches with a diameter of a full 12 inches. At this price, it is a "steal". Inv. #5762.


bowlba2.jpg (24922 bytes) A top view of the above bowl. This is signed Steuben Aurene 2851.  
rosacb1.jpg (33824 bytes) What can one say about this Rosaline over Alabaster Acid Cut Back rose bowl. The photo says it all. The diameter is 8" with a hgt of 4 1/2 inches. Done in a lovely oriental pattern. Inv #5621.


rosacb2.jpg (22428 bytes) Top view of the above bowl.  
shvasbl2.jpg (24484 bytes) The first of two blue aurene shade vases. This has a height of 5 1/8 inches, an opening diameter of 3 7/8" and a base of 2 1/8". It  is signed Steuben. Inv. # 1050.


shdvasba1.jpg (33990 bytes) This is the second of the two shade vases. The iridescence on this particular piece is some of the best we have ever seen. It positively shimmers. It is also signed Steuben and has a height of 6 1/2', with the opening being 4 1/2 inches and the base at 2 5/8 inches. Inv # is 5755.


trflga1.jpg (22318 bytes) A lovely gold aurene over calcite fluted vase. Again, the iridescence is superb. The height is 6 7/8 inches. Inv. # is 1051.


talstgaw1.jpg (17824 bytes) A superb gold aurene tall-stemmed wine. We have a pair of these although only one is shown. This is the shape everyone wants with the twist stem. Height 6 3/8 inches. Inv. #s 0152 and 0154. 

$495.00 ea.

trgafl1.jpg (20610 bytes) One of the nicest trumpet vases we have seen in awhile. This gold aurene over calcite piece is 6 inches in height and has the wonderful Carder fluting. Inv # 5823