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New Carder Items 

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rsqrtz1.jpg (28874 bytes) What a magnificent piece of rose quartz. This is a lamp base. Unfortunately we do not have the original lamp fittings to go with this. However it is a wonderful "stand alone piece". The height is a full 10 inches with a diameter of 5 3/4 inches at its widest. There is a bonus with this piece, as it has its original Steuben sticker on the base. Where will you find another like this?  Inventory # 5624. 


rsqrtz3.jpg (25782 bytes) A close-up view of the preceding piece showing the super decoration.  
cstkga1.jpg (31759 bytes) This set of gold aurene candlesticks is pure dynamite. The shape is hard to come by. Notice the Venetian prunts that adorn the candlesticks.  Hgt is 3 5/8" and dia. is 3 9/16". Inventory # 5481.


gacalstk1.jpg (22932 bytes) Another lovely set of candlesticks. These are gold aurene and calcite. They are a well-known shape in the Carder designs. The iridescence on these is superb. Just click on the thumbnail photo to see a larger photo. Inv. # 5816.


gacalstk2.jpg (22851 bytes) A full side view of the above candlesticks.  
grnacbvs1.jpg (28870 bytes) This superb green jade Acid Cut Back vase is very large. It measures  12 inches in height with a diameter of 7 3/8 inches. The pattern is one of the Sculptured patterns. This piece is signed in the ACB pattern. This vase has a seed in the lip, but most of us expect green jade to have some manufacturing irregularities. Please email for a photo of that. Inv # 5494.


rsclthpl1.jpg (34075 bytes) This rose-to-white cluthra plate is 8 1/2" in diameter. That is not a hole in the plate, merely the pontil area. The rose color on this plate is truly outstanding. It is signed with the fleur-de-lis mark. Inv. # 5564.


grjamhan1.jpg (33031 bytes) Again, one of the classic Carder shapes is reflected in this green jade vase with "M" handles. This is a lovely, large vase. It has one minor manufacturing flaw, a small heat check in one of the handles. This in no way distracts from the beauty of the piece. Inv. # 5824.


tpzcel1.jpg (20283 bytes) This is a very tall vase, measuring 15 inches in height. It is topaz accented with blue handles. Certainly this is one of the desired pieces in this color combination. Inv. # 3207.


vdsbask2.jpg (26281 bytes) Wow. what an incredible verre de soie basket. The iridescence is superb, and it is large! It measures 14 inches to the top of the handle! Where will you find another like this? See the next photo which shows the iridescence well. Inv. # 5805.


vdsbask1.jpg (25073 bytes) A view showing the interior of the preceding basket highlighting the outstanding iridescence.   
vdsstks1.jpg (36526 bytes) This pair of Verre de Soie candlesticks is a full 10 inches in height. They are trimmed in celeste blue and would show magnificently on a table or in a display case. The photo speaks for itself. Simply click on the thumbnail photo to see a larger version. Inv # 5804.


grn1prg1.jpg (24803 bytes) A lovely pomona green single prong vase, another classic Carder shape. The height on this vase measures 8 1/4 inches. It is extremely affordable and won't last long at this price. Inv.#5783.