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gau39631.jpg (18325 bytes) NEW ITEM. A lovely gold aurene finger bowl and underplate. As you can see, the iridescence is truly wonderful. The bowl is 1 3/4" in ht. x 3 7/8" diam. while the underplate is approx 1" ht. x 5 3/4" diam. Signed Aurene 818. Inv. # 3963. SOLD
gauped1.jpg (20167 bytes) NEW ITEM. What a magnificent gold aurene and calcite pedestal bowl/compote. The iridescence on this piece is among the best we have ever seen. The piece is 3 1/4" in height and 10 1/8" in diameter. If you are looking for a truly outstanding piece, this may well be it. Unsigned, but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. # 1618A. SOLD
gauped2.jpg (20550 bytes)  NEW ITEM. Top view showing the magnificent iridescence of the above piece.  
gaustmp1.jpg (21091 bytes) NEW ITEM. A beautiful example of the gold aurene stump vase. The height is 3 1/2" to 5 7/8". The base measures 4" x 3 7/8". This is the vase that is highly prized by all Carder Steuben collectors. The iridescence is lovely on this piece. Signed Aurene 2744. Inv. # RFR.  $1350.00
gauslcomp1.jpg (21561 bytes) NEW ITEM. What a nice slender gold aurene compote. Again, the iridescence is lovely. The height is 5 3/4" x bowl diameter of 3 7/8" x base diameter of 3 1/16". Signed Aurene2642. Inv. # HGR. $795.00
gauribper1.jpg (19938 bytes) NEW ITEM. This is a very nice  ribbed gold aurene perfume with a stopper which has a problem. The stopper has been broken and repaired. The break is just below the finial and will show above the perfume. However the repair is good enough that I couldn't get the break to show in a photo. This piece is sold As is. It is still a lovely example of Carder's gold aurene. Inv. # 4744. $795.00
gaucalcomp11.jpg (18538 bytes) NEW ITEM. This is another fine gold aurene and calcite compote and is a wonderful value for the price. The height is 5 1/2" while the bowl is a full 8" in diameter. The base is 4". The iridescence on this piece is very, very nice.  Inv. # 3537. $695.00
gauperus1.jpg (11545 bytes) NEW ITEM. An unusual shape in a gold aurene perfume. The shape # is 3294.  the height is 5 3/8" inches without the stopper; 7 3/8" when the stopper is in place. The diam. of the base is 2 1/4". The iridescence is truly superb. This piece is signed Steuben Aurene 3294. The dauber has been broken internally. It does not show when the dauber is in place. Unfortunately, this has happened to many daubers. A super piece for the price. Inv. # WOH121. $975.00
gauperus2.jpg (19596 bytes) NEW ITEM. This is a photo to show the break on the bottom of the dauber for the above perfume. It could easily be smoothed out by a glass repairer.   
gauperus3.jpg (21569 bytes) NEW ITEM. A photo of the signature on the preceding perfume.  
gaucalruf1.jpg (17847 bytes) NEW ITEM. This is the gold and calcite vase that is shown between the two blue aurene and calcite compotes in the blue aurene section. Wonderful iridescence and the beautiful ruffled shape make this a coveted piece. The height is 8 13/16" while the top opening is 4 1/8". The base is 3 1/4". There is a bonus with this piece as it has a partial sticker still remaining. Inv. #5368. SOLD
gaucalruf2.jpg (19600 bytes) NEW ITEM. A top view showing the lovely ruffles and fine iridescence of the preceding vase.