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Photo Description Price
MVC-002L.JPG (21558 bytes) Gold Aurene  Ruffled Vase with 8 crimps. Unsigned but 

guaranteed authentic. The height is 5 1/8 inches. Lovely

 iridescence. Inventory number is RFR III-2.


MVC-003L.JPG (24428 bytes)

Gold Aurene Ruffled Vase-8 crimps. Top view of 

previous  piece.


MVC-004L.JPG (21699 bytes) Gold Aurene ruffled vase with six crimps. Signed Aurene. 

The height is 5 1/4 inches. Very nice iridescence. 

Inv. # 5231-3.

gaugrp1.jpg.jpg (20778 bytes) NEW ITEM. This is a grouping of three lovely gold aurene pieces that would fit very nicely into a cabinet with some space left over. The first is a gold aurene demitasse cup in a silver holder, a very unusual item. The second item is a gold aurene thumbprint cordial 2 1/2 " in height and 1 5/8" in diameter. Unsigned. The last item is a gold aurene ruffled nut cup 1" in height and 3 7/16 diameter. This is signed Steuben Aurene 138. These will be sold separately. Inv. #s are 5065, 5269. Demi-$550.00



MVC-005L.JPG (19768 bytes) This is a top view of piece #5231-3.  
gaufngbwl1.jpg.jpg (19169 bytes) NEW ITEM. This photo show two different shape gold aurene finger bowls. The first is the well-known plain rim bowl, 2 7/16' in height and 4 7/8' in diameter. It is signed Steuben Aurene 2889.The second is the equally well-known ruffled rim bowl which is 2 1/8 " high by 5 1/4 in diameter. It is unsigned, but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. # 5280. Plain SOLD


gaubskt1.jpg (26911 bytes)  A lovely gold aurene and calcite basket 8 inches in height. The photos show the striking iridescence of this piece which is shape 453. This would be a fine addition to any collection. It is unsigned as with most calcite pieces, but is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. # RFR 40. $2250.00
gaubskt2.jpg (27832 bytes)  Top view of the preceding piece showing the fine iridescence on this basket.  
gaugob1.jpg.jpg (23493 bytes)

NEW ITEM. Wow!! These are the gold aurene twist-stem waters that all the Steuben collectors want. We had 6 of them available. Two of them sold immediately the first day they came in. There are 4 left. Don't wait on these as they will go out quickly. They are signed Steuben Aurene 2361 and are app 6 1/8 ' in height. Inv. # 5321.

Ea. $550.00
gaugob2.jpg.jpg (19517 bytes) NEW ITEM. Wow, again!! These are the matching gold aurene twist-stem deep wine goblets which are approx. 4 1/2' in height. We have the last 6 of these available as well. Again, we expect that these will also go out quickly. They are also signed Steuben Aurene 2361. Inv # 5327. Ea. $450.00
gauatom1.jpg (19004 bytes)  A lovely gold aurene atomizer in shape 6131 with a height of 7 1/8 inches. It  has very nice iridescence. The atomizer ball has hardened over time as have most. A replacement should be very easy to come by if you desire to replace it. This piece is unsigned, but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. this would make a fine addition to any Steuben and/or perfume collection. Inv. # 4224-29. $875.00
gauatom2.jpg (22000 bytes)  A close-up view of the top showing the atomizer hardware and the nice iridescence on this item.  
MVC-009L.JPG (20106 bytes) Gold Aurene ruffled trumpet vase. Early shape. Signed

"Aurene 246". Wonderful early iridescence. Inv #4887-5.

MVC-010L.JPG (24682 bytes) Top view of the previous vase. Inv. # 4887-5  

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