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Carder Misc. 3

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vdsflut1.jpg (18872 bytes) NEW ITEM. A lovely verre de soie fluted trumpet vase with six crimps. The iridescence on this piece is very nice. The height is 6" with an opening of 3 3/4". A very nice piece in this type of glass. Unsigned but unconditionally guaranteed authentic Steuben. Inv. # HGR. SOLD
vdsengrvs1.jpg (24109 bytes) NEW ITEM. This Verre de Soie hourglass figure vase has absolutely lovely engraving. It stands a full 8" in height with a top opening width of 4 1/8". Not only is the engraving nicely done, but the iridescence is excellent as well. Unsigned, but guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. # 4594. SOLD
vdsengrvs2.jpg (16613 bytes) NEW ITEM. A close up view of the engraving on the previous vase. Just click the thumbnail on the left to see the engraving in a larger photo.
vdshrgl1.jpg (22019 bytes) NEW ITEM. The twin to the previous vase, but without the engraving. Again, this piece stands a full 8" in height, but the top opening is slightly smaller at 3 3/4".  The iridescence on this piece is excellent and the price makes this a wonderful value. It would make an excellent starter piece for a collection, or just a wonderful addition to any collection. Unsigned , but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. # 2900.  $225.00
vdscancmp1.jpg (16893 bytes) NEW ITEM. A wonderful engraved Verre de Soie candy compote, or as someone suggested, "This would make a great goblet for margaritas." This piece is signed "Hawkes". Inv. # 4270. $450.00
vdscancmp2.jpg (20838 bytes) NEW ITEM. A top view of the preceding compote showing the engraving. Just click the thumbnail on the left to see it in a larger photo.
tpzstmp1.jpg (16267 bytes) NEW ITEM. A very nice topaz three-prong stump vase, a classic Carder shape. Height is 4" to 5 3/4". A very nice piece to add to your collection of stump vases. Signed Steuben in block. Inv. # 2892. $395.00
vdsstmp1.jpg (17823 bytes) NEW ITEM. The Verre de soie version of Carder's classic triple stump vase. The iridescence is very nice on this piece. The height is 3 1/2' to 5 ". Unsigned, but, of course unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. # is 3092. $495.00
grnstmp1.jpg (14756 bytes) NEW ITEM. Finally, the pomona green version of the stump vase. The height is 3 1/2" to 5". Unsigned, but also guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. # 2103. SOLD
moonltpl1.jpg (33551 bytes) NEW ITEM. A wonderfully engraved pattern on the very rare moonlight glass plate. I believe this is the vintage pattern. The plate is 8 1/2 inches in diameter. Unsigned, but guaranteed to be authentic Steuben moonlight glass. This is a very reasonable way to obtain a piece of this rare type of Carder glass. Simply click on the thumbnail photo at the left to view a larger image of the pattern. Inv. # 5283. $295.00
4413per1.jpg (23837 bytes) NEW ITEM. Clear black reeded square bottle with black hex cut paneled stopper. Height is 4 7/8" while the width is 2 5/8". Signed with the Steuben fleur de lis. A very nice example of the bottles designed by Carder. Inv. #4413. SOLD
4877per1.jpg (19518 bytes) NEW ITEM. Green reeded bottle which is 5 1/2" in height and 2" in width. This piece is unsigned, but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. This is an unusual shape and color. Inv. # 4877. $395.00
3873per1.jpg (20981 bytes) NEW ITEM. A pomona green square reeded bottle which is 5" in height and has a width of 2 1/2". The stopper on this bottle is lovely, and the reeding in excellent condition. Inv.# 3873. $395.00
machthrd1.jpg (23519 bytes) NEW ITEMS. Two machine threaded bottles. Clear with gold ruby threading. The bottle on the left is 6 1/8inches in height while the one on the right is 7" tall. The bottle on the right has a very minor chip in the threading. Gold ruby is always sought after. Inv. #s 5245 5246. Ea. $495.00
shadevas1.jpg (18569 bytes) NEW ITEM. Two green jade shade vases. Both are lovely examples of this later treatment of making vases from the basic shape of various shades. The vase on the left is 4 7/8" hgt. with an opening of 5 1/4". The vase on the right is shape 913 with a hgt of 5 1/2" and an opening of 5 3/8. It is signed with the fleur de lis. Inv #s 4192 and 4853. Ea. $495.00
seagrot1.jpg (23337 bytes) NEW ITEM. A fine example of a hard to find color, sea green. This is a grotesque hanky vase in that color. It has a wafered pontil and is signed in the script signature used for these late Carder pieces. A wonderful piece in a difficult color. It is 9 inches in height. Inv. # 5301. $885.00
tpzcstk1.jpg (16983 bytes) NEW ITEM. A very nice set of topaz candlesticks in the 8 inch size. This pair is extremely affordable and will look great on the table or any place else that you have for them. Unsigned, but guaranteed to be authentic Steuben.  Inv. # 2983. $595.00
amb29561.jpg (22853 bytes) NEW ITEM. This is a set of 8 inch amber candlesticks in the classic Carder 2956 shape. They are truly a wonderful pair which will go well anywhere you place them. Unsigned, but guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. # 5244. $695.00