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Carder Misc. 2
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ivoblk01.jpeg (29720 bytes) This is a lovely pair of Ivory and Black shell vases. The larger is 6 1/8 inches x 11 1/2 inches X 9 inches. The smaller measures 6 1/8 inches X 8 3/4 inches X 61/4 inches.  The shape is # 7307 on both. The larger one is unsigned, but unconditionally guaranteed authentic Steuben, the smaller has the fleur de lis mark. These can be sold individually. Inv. # 3459-35 and 4635-36. Sm $1350.00


msccorn1.jpg (31301 bytes) New item. This photo shows a selection of four Carder cornucopia vases. All are the upright version of the cornucopias. On the left is the unusual color of cobalt blue and clear . We have a matched pair of these. Left center is the  green jade and alabaster version; right center a lovely pomona green and amber piece; on the far right the highly sought after  rosaline and alabaster. The height on each of these vases is 8 inches. The cobalt is signed with a fleur de lis; the green jade is unsigned but unconditionally guaranteed as authentic Steuben; the green and amber with the fleur de lis; and the rosaline and alabaster with the block Steuben signature. These may be purchased separately. Please take note of the following photo which shows a factory imperfection on the edge of the rim of the rosaline vase. This piece also has a wafer pontil. Inv. #'s 3559-51; 4406-52; 5091-53; 5274-54. Cobalt 

Gr Jade $950.00

Gr & Amber $550.00

Rosaline $$950.00

msccorn2.jpg (14329 bytes) New item. Please take note of the factory imperfection along the edge of the rim of this piece. This was done in the manufacture of the piece.  
bljad01.jpg (23836 bytes) This is a very nice dark blue jade Shade vase. It has a small surface bubble. However, this is one of those truly unusual pieces that you don't see offered very often. The bubble does not in any way detract from the beauty of this vase. This is signed with the traditional fleur de lis mark. Inv. # 4770-38. $1750.00
bljad02.jpg (20113 bytes) Another lovely blue jade piece. This is the light blue jade produced by Carder in his  familiar 2687 shape. This is a medium sized rose bowl. The dimensions are 3 3/4 ht. X 73/4 diam. Don't pass this one up. It will probably be a while before you see another one. Inv. # HGR-37. $1850.00
bljad03.jpg (26563 bytes) View 2 of the dark blue shade vase.  
bljad04.jpg (19748 bytes) View 2 of the light blue jade rose bowl.  
bljad05.jpeg (19925 bytes) This is a wonderful light blue jade perfume in the 1414 shape. It is 7 1/2 inches in height. However, this piece has a problem and is sold "as is". The stopper has been broken off where it goes into the body of the piece. It still sits fine on the perfume, but It does not go down into the piece. (See next photo). This still makes a fabulous cabinet piece, especially at the price. Inv. # no #-39. $1250.00
bljad06.jpg (13587 bytes) View of the stopper for the preceding perfume. Notice that it has been broken at the bottom.  
mscgob01.jpg (28003 bytes) A nice grouping of The Knobbed Stem Goblets- shape 6114. On the far left is a 5 1/2 inch selenium red; interior left is a 5 3/4 inch celeste blue ribbed piece; interior right a plain 5 5/8 inch celeste blue; and on the outside right a  5 3/4 inch bristol yellow piece. These will be sold individually. Inv # left-to-right 0942-41; 4908-42; 5084-43; 4911-44.  Red- $195.00

All others-$175.00

mscgob02.jpg (25693 bytes) Top view of the preceding group of goblets.  
rsgrcmp1.jpg (21262 bytes) New item. This lovely two-color compote (pomona green bowl and base with rosa stem) has a very pronounced twist. It stands 6 3/4 inches in height. It is unsigned, but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. This is one of the really lovely color combinations designed by Carder. Inv # 4598-47. SOLD
rsgrcmp2.jpg (26239 bytes)

New item. Top view of the preceding piece showing the wonderful twist pattern. 

covcan01.jpg (27075 bytes) This is an unmatched pair of engraved candy jars. The one on the left is rosa and pomona green. The other is topaz and pomona green. Neither is signed, but they are unconditionally guaranteed as authentic Steuben. These can be purchased as a pair or individually.  SOLD
covcan02.jpg (26451 bytes) Top view of the preceding pair of candy jars.