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Carder Misc.
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oripopvs08.jpg (18908 bytes) NEW ITEM. The photo says it all. This is a stunning, rare Oriental Poppy vase which is 6" in height with a body diameter of 4 3/8", and a top opening diameter of 3". This particular piece does have a slight manufacturing imperfection. There is a sand seed left in the making. However, this in no way affects the beauty of the piece. Unconditionally guaranteed as to authenticity and condition. Inv. #4193. SOLD
ivoryvs3.jpg (16218 bytes) NEW ITEM. This is a very nice ivory vase even though it appears almost white in color in this photo. See the following photo for a close-up of the color of this vase. It is shape #2908 and is 6" in height with a top opening of 2 3/4 inches. A lovely piece of Carder Steuben which is unconditionally guaranteed authentic. Inv. #4012. $595.00
ivoryvs4.jpg (11099 bytes) NEW ITEM. A close-up of the above vase showing its lovely true ivory color.  
ivoryvs5.jpg (16396 bytes) NEW ITEM. This is a very traditional Carder trumpet vase in ivory glass. Again, this photo appears too white. See the following photo for a close-up of the base of this vase and its true color. Unconditionally guaranteed authentic. The height of this piece is 8" with a top opening of 5 5/8 inches. Inv. # 5036. SOLD
ivoryvs6.jpg (14877 bytes) NEW ITEM. A close-up of the base of the above piece which also shows its true ivory color.  
decaur01.jpg (18224 bytes) This is an absolutely wonderful decorated piece. It a gold swirl mini vase. The height is 4 3/4 inches. How often do you see a decorated aurene piece in this size. It will fit very well into your favorite cabinet. The shape is #645 and it is signed Aurene 645. When will you find another one this nice? Inv. #RFR30. SOLD
decaur02.jpg (40471 bytes) View 2 of the above piece.  
decaur03.jpg (17863 bytes) View 3 of the above piece.  
decaur04.jpg (31072 bytes) View 4 of the above piece.  
decaur05.jpg (22031 bytes) This incredible decorated aurene vase will "knock your socks off." It is "to die for." The height is 6 3/4 inches in height. The decorations are pristine and very pronounced. The shape # is 604, and it is signed Aurene 604. This is that very special piece for the discriminating collector. Inv. # RFR-32. SOLD
decaur06.jpg (16997 bytes) View 2 of the preceding piece.  
decaur07.jpg (18731 bytes) View 3 of the preceding piece.  
decaur08.jpg (22779 bytes) Can you take another one? This is the third decorated aurene piece. The photos speak for themselves. A truly superb piece of Carder Steuben. The shape # is 261b, and it is signed Aurene 261b. Don't pass this one up at the price! Inv. #rfrIII-33. $2550.00
decaur09.jpg (20733 bytes) View 2 of the preceding piece.  
jadb&s01.jpg (28860 bytes) This console set demands attention. The jade and alabaster candlesticks are 12" in height (very difficult to find) and are a nicely matched pair. The jade console bowl has a diameter of 16 inches (not a misprint). The interior of the bowl has a few rub marks from something sitting in it. They in no way detract from its appearance as you must be looking down into the bowl to see them. They are not scratches, merely rubs. This is an awesome combination. The candlesticks are the well-known shape 2956. We feel the bowl is a large version of # 6637. Inv. # HLE-101. C-sticks sold.

Bowl  $575.00

mscgrot1.jpg (34079 bytes) New item. A nice selection of several of the grotesque shaped vases. On the far left is the rose-to-clear at 9 1/8 inches in height with a block Steuben signature; left foreground is a clear vase-9 1/4 inches in height carrying a script signature; Center back row is a green-to-clear which is 11 1/4 inches tall-unsigned and has a very slight flea bite on the rim; right front row is a green-to-clear at 9 inches-unsigned; right back row an amethyst-to-clear also at 9 inches in height-unsigned. All of the unsigned pieces are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. Inv. #s 5094-64; 5253-63; rfrlll-66; 5095-67; 5270-65.  Rose  $885.00

Clear  $885.00

Tall green $985.00

Short green $985.00

Amethyst  $885.00

mscgrot2.jpg (32196 bytes) New item. A top view of the preceding group of pieces.  
atomcl01.jpg (27188 bytes) This is the Verre de soie version of the "atomic cloud" bowl or vase.. However it was produced long before the atom was split and is more correctly referred as a pillar flower bowl. It is unsigned, but unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben. It is 4 1/2 inches in height and 8 inches in diameter.  SOLD

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