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Photo Description
MVC-001L.JPG (18858 bytes) Blue Aurene candlesticks. Their height is 8". They are signed "Steuben Aurene 686" These are the shape everyone looks for. These carry a lovely early blue iridescence. E-mail for other photos. A wonderful set to add to your collection. Inventory #4098-18. SOLD
blaucomp1.jpg (22277 bytes) NEW ITEM. Not just one, but two blue aurene over calcite compotes. The gold aurene vase in the center can be found  for sale  in the gold aurene section of this web site. The combo of blue aurene and calcite is much rarer than blue aurene by itself and commands a premium. The compote on the left is 6 1/4" in height with the bowl being 6" in diameter. The one on the right is 5 7/8" tall with a width of 6 1/4". Inv. # 2661.

One on the right is still available.


blaucomp2.jpg (26092 bytes) NEW ITEM. Top view of the previous two compotes.  
blaucomp3.jpg (13624 bytes) NEW ITEM. Another wonderful blue aurene over calcite compote which is highly collectible. This shape is different from the above two compotes, and is truly lovely in its own special way. This piece is 3 !/2" tall by a bowl diameter of 8" with a base diameter of 3 1/4". Inv # 4531.


blaucomp4.jpg (17328 bytes) NEW ITEM. Atop view of the previous compote showing the lovely ribbing effect.  
bldarn1.jpg (17298 bytes) NEW ITEM. This is a wonderful blue aurene darner, a whimsey done by one of the Steuben gaffers. These are highly sought after by collectors. The blue aurene darner is considered to be the rarest and toughest to find. As with most darners, it has a cracked-off pontil on the end of the handle. This piece is 6" in length with the ball having a diameter of 2 1/2". Inv # RFR.


bauurn01.jpg (21258 bytes)  Nice blue aurene classical urn vase. Shape # 2683. Signed Steuben Aurene 2683. This piece has lovely platinum and gold hues to the iridescence and is 6 inches in height. There is a small open bubble in the rim which was done in the making. It is shown in the next photo. Still a very, very nice piece to add to your collection. Inv. # rfrlll-33. SOLD
bauurn03.jpg (14075 bytes)  This photo shows the small open bubble on the rim. Click on the thumbnail photo to the left to enlarge the photo to see it up close and personal.  
blcalash1.jpg (13721 bytes) NEW ITEM. What a lovely Blue Aurene and Calcite ashtray. The diameter is 5 3/16". The combination of blue aurene and calcite is much rarer than blue aurene by itself and commands a premium. Any piece in this combination is highly sought after and very collectible. Inv. #4913.


MVC-009L.JPG (20807 bytes) This blue aurene vase is absolutely exquisite. It measures 4 3/4 inches in height and carries the typical Carder six crimps. This is shape 723 and is signed "Aurene 723". The iridescence is wonderful. This would make a great Xmas gift. Inventory #4879-17. $1350.00
MVC-011L.JPG (17981 bytes) This lovely blue aurene 3-footed flower bowl is absolutely dynamite. It is shape #2586 and is signed "Aurene 2586". The diameter is 7 inches. Nice iridescence and a well-known Carder shape. Extremely affordable. Inventory #RFR-18. I have included two more views of this outstanding piece. SOLD
MVC-012L.JPG (27322 bytes) Top view of the previous piece.  
MVC-013L.JPG (16372 bytes) View showing the bottom with the three feet.  
brdprf01.jpg (31149 bytes) The photos tell the story on this piece. This is one of our favorite shapes in all of Carder's work. It is listed in Gardner's books as a cologne, but it may very well be a decanter instead. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this item, the original foot has been broken (weep, weep), but a lovely silver foot has replaced it and saved this piece.. It actually goes very nicely  with the wonderful blue iridescence. The original shape # was 6047. The original height was 12 inches. With the new foot, it now measures 12 1/4 inches. Of course there is now no signature, but the piece is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic Steuben with a replaced foot. If this piece were perfect, it would be in the $4500-$5,000 range. Obviously, our price is far less than that. This piece is sold "as is" due to the repair. Inv. # 4730-24. Email for price
brdprf02.jpg (28689 bytes) This photo shows a view of the stopper for the above piece. Interestingly, the same stopper in gold aurene was bid on eBay in the past year at over $1000.00. What is this one worth? (Especially if you only need a stopper to complete a piece.) This stopper will not be sold separately.   
brdprf03.jpg (26484 bytes) This photo shows a view of the replaced foot on the previous piece. A very nice repair has been done.  
MVC-014L.JPG (21078 bytes) What a find. This is blue aurene master salt which measures 2 1/2inches in height and 6 inches in diameter. The iridescence is a super platinum blue with a slight swirl to the surface color. It is shape #3067 and is signed "Aurene 3067. Inventory #3811-19. SOLD
blaupch1.jpg (22687 bytes) This is one of the finest pieces of blue aurene we have encountered in the last several years. The platinum hues are absolutely wonderful. The size is also impressive with a diameter of 8 1/8 inches and a height of 3 1/4 inches. This is shape 2775 and is signed Aurene 2775. We'll let the photos speak for themselves on this piece. Inv. # 4156-23.


blaupch2.jpg (34141 bytes) Top view of the preceding piece. The platinum iridescence is sensational.  
bstump3.jpg (32197 bytes) Wow! Here it is!! This is the stump vase all the Steuben  collectors want. No collection is truly complete without one of the Carder stump vases. This piece has absolutely magnificent iridescence.  It is, of course, shape 2744 and is signed "Steuben Aurene 2744". Don't hesitate on this piece. You will be pleased. Inventory #5257-20.0. SOLD

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