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Over 500 pieces in stock at all times.
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Welcome to the world of STEUBEN glass. This site features the wonderful designs and creations of Frederick Carder as well as the fine stemware of both the Carder period and the later clear crystal era. Unfortunately, Steuben no longer produces stemware for the public to buy. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find those pieces that many collectors need to replace damaged ones. Many collectors are still trying to complete their settings. The glass of Mr. Carder has become more and more difficult to find as well. Those who have it often do not want to part with it. Hopefully this web site will help many to find the pieces they need or want. This site will continue to add  groups of pieces every few days, so check back often. If you don't see it here, that doesn't mean that it is not available. Please E-mail or contact us by phone if there is something we can help with. We hope you gain as much pleasure from viewing this site as we had getting it up on the web.


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